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digital signature certificate in chennai

Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature in Chennai are being embraced by various government associations and as of now are a lawful need in various applications. 

Capricorn offers a distinctive class of certificates to help affiliation and individuals secure online trades with real authenticity according to the Indian IT Act, 2000. 

There are assorted sort and Class of DSC, the information under would assist you with showing up at the adequate certificate for your necessities

How to get DSC? 

DSC can be benefited either by moving toward the Ensuring Authority straightforwardly or online through outsider specialists. Every one of the first documents and self-authenticated duplicates is required. The DSC candidate needs to go through the eKYC validation process too. 

The specialists may likewise acknowledge the ensured document of the candidate which ought to be given by the bank Specialists containing the candidates’ data set in the bank. For the most part, DSC is given inside 3 to 7 working days.

Types of Certificates 


Sign DSC should be used for signing documents. The most standard utilization is signing the PDF record for Tax Returns, MCA, and various locales. Signing through DSC gives the confirmation of the decency of the signer just as the information. It is proof of untampered and unaltered information. 


Encode DSC should be used to scramble a document, it is predominantly used in the fragile passage, to help companies with scrambling the documents and move. You could moreover use the certificate to scramble and send the requested information. Scramble DSC is useful for electronic business documents, legitimate documentation, and sharing documents that are astoundingly characterized and contains information that ought to be guaranteed. We are selling a Scramble certificate as a standalone thing as well. 

Sign and Scramble 

Our Sign and Scramble DSC can be used for both signing and encoding. It is useful for customers who need to approve and stay aware of the order of the information shared. Its utilization includes filing government forms and application

Authenticity of the Certificate 

You could buy certificates with authenticity for as long as three years. (The authenticity is obliged by law, and you can’t tolerate certificates for more than three years and shy of what One-year authenticity) 

Classes of Certificates 

The IT law grants us, three Classes of DSC, at any rate, we simply sell Class 2 and Class 3 certificates. We are not selling Class 1 Certificates. 

The difference between Class 2 and Class 3 is check rules. 

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate 

We offer Class 2 Digital Signature (DSC) to individuals and affiliations DSC for both Indian and new up-and-comer. The principal limitation of this certificate is to confirm the nuances of the signer. It re-affirms the by and large referred to information of the customer. It is used in various form-filling, online registration, email confirmation, income tax filing, etc more positions of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate in Chennai-T.Nagar are given under.

MCA e-filing 

Income Tax e-filing 

LLP registration 

GST application 

IE code registration 

Form 16, and so forth 

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate 

We other than offer digital signature certificate in Chennai according to IVG rule which is more secure inquisitively, with class 2 certificate, this is the most secure of all certificates. It is used in issues of high security and prosperity. It is mostly used in web trading and online business, where a gigantic proportion of money or profoundly restricted intel is included. In case you select class 3 certificate, all applications which are made for Class 2, should have the alternative to see your certificates. Following are the essential components of Class 3 certificates – 


Patent and brand name e-filing 

MCA e-filing 

Customs e-filing 




Who could buy our certificate? 

There is no restriction on who could buy our certificates, people and relationship from India and outside India can buy our certificates, on the off chance that they meet our Check Rules. Generously look at our summary to pick a fitting application form. 


The DSC is expected for Indians, whose affiliation needn’t bother with a name to be fundamental for the certificate. 


The DSC is planned for companies (any sort of component), who need their affiliation name to be fundamental for DSC. 

New Individuals 

The DSC is expected for pariahs and should use our certificate in their name. 

New Affiliation 

The DSC is for Affiliations selected external India should use our Digital certificates. 

Document Signer Certificate 

If you intend to use our certificate for the mass signing of documents, you could use our Mass Signer Certificates. We would offer this certificate in PFX record for Class 2 and is offered to Relationship in a manner of speaking. 

IET Certificates 

We have a phenomenal Digital Signature certificate in Chennai for IEC code holders, this certificate is unequivocally utilized for DGFT section

Processing Procedures 

We have three remarkable paperless eKYC check-based techniques for acquiring the Digital signature certificate. The competitor can choose the technique they like. 

Aadhar-Based Paperless DSC 

Any contender who is an Aadhaar cardholder can apply for the Digital Signature Certificate in Chennai-T.Nagar in a paperless way utilizing, “Aadhaar Offline eKYC” procedure. Aadhar based KYC confirmation process is paperless and digital knows your customer (KYC) procedure, wherein the application is passed on forward after a digital check of the up-and-comer. The process of applying for a DSC application to deliver orders and downloading the DSC is rapid and can get completed within 15-20 mins. 

PAN Based Paperless DSC 

By picking the PAN-based Paperless DSC, the competitor can get a good deal on the relative cost. The process of getting the Pan-based Paperless DSC is fundamental, quick, and followed by a fast video check, where the candidate needs to mirror their PAN card in the video The greatest benefit of this Pan-based Paperless DSC made social gatherings check is that one can apply for this kind of DSC online whenever or any place, giving the up-and-comer the enrichment of overall convenience. 

GST Based Paperless DSC 

We give the GST Based paperless Definitive DSCs (Digital Signature Certificate) for Affiliations having their prohibitive GST certificate. These certificates give complete security by ensuring arrangement to the information or documents with Digital Signature in Chennai when shared digitally.

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