Digital signature certificate in Chennai and its types

digital signature certificate in chennai

Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are being embraced by different government agencies and now is a legal necessity in different applications. 

Capricorn offers distinctive class of certificates to help association and people secure online exchanges with lawful legitimacy according to the Indian IT Act, 2000. 

Capricorn certificates adjust to x.509 standard of Public Key Foundation (PKI) in India wherein also these are given according to IVG and IOG rules gave by the office of Regulator of Guaranteeing Authorities. 

There are different Sort and Class of Digital signature certificate the data beneath would assist you with showing up to the correct certificate for your necessities. 

digital signature certificate in chennai

Kind of Certificates 


Sign DSC must be utilized for marking reports. The most well-known use of is marking the PDF record for Expense forms, MCA and different sites. Marking through DSC gives the confirmation of the trustworthiness of the endorser as well as the information. It is proof of untampered and unaltered information. 


Scramble DSC must be utilized to encode a report, it is prominently utilized in the delicate entry, to assist companies with encoding the archives and transfer. You could likewise utilize the certificate to scramble and send classified data. Encode DSC is good for web based business records, legitimate documentation and sharing reports that are profoundly secret and contains data that should be ensured. We are selling Scramble certificate as an independent item too. 

Sign and Scramble 

Our Sign and Scramble DSC can be utilized for both marking and encoding. It is convenient for clients who need to validate and keep up the classification of the data shared. Its use incorporates recording government structure and application. 

Legitimacy of the Certificate 

You could purchase certificates with a legitimacy up to three years. (The legitimacy is constrained by law, and you can’t accepting certificates over three years and short of what One year legitimacy) 

Classes of Certificates 

The IT law permits us three Classes of DSC, anyway we just sell Class 2 and Class 3 certificates. We are not selling Class 1 Certificates. 

digital signature cetificate in chennai

The contrast between Class 2 and Class 3 is confirmation rules. 

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate 

We offer Class 2 Digital Signature (DSC) to people and associations DSC for both Indian and foreign candidate. The principle capacity of this certificate is to validate the subtleties of the endorser. It re-avows the all-around referenced information of the client. It is utilized in different structure filling, online enrollment, and email authentication, personal expense recording and so on more employments of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificates are given underneath. 

MCA e-recording 

Personal Assessment e-documenting 

LLP enrollment 

GST application 

IE code enrollment 

Structure 16, etc. 

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate 

We likewise offer class 3 digital signature certificate in Chennai as per IVG rule which is safer in contrast with class 2 certificate, this is the most secure of all certificates. It is utilized in issue of high security and wellbeing. It is predominantly utilized in web based exchanging and online business, where a gigantic measure of cash or exceptionally classified data is included. In the event that you decide on class 3 certificate, all applications which are made for Class 2, ought to have the option to perceive your certificates. Following are the primary elements of Class 3 certificates – 

digital signature cetificate in chennai


Patent and trademark e-documenting 

MCA e-documenting 

Customs e-documenting 




Who could purchase our certificate? 

There is no constraint on who could purchase our certificates, individuals and association from India and outside India can purchase our certificates, if they meet our Check Rules. Kindly gander at our rundown beneath to choose a suitable application structure. 


The DSC is for Indians, who their association don’t need name to be essential for the certificate. Snap here 


This DSC is for companies (any kind of element), who need their association name to be important for DSC. Snap here 

Foreign People 

The DSC is for foreigners and might want to utilize our certificate in their name. Snap here 

 chennai dsc

Foreign Association 

The DSC is for Associations enlist outside India might want to utilize our Digital certificates. Snap here 

Archive Underwriter Certificate 

In the event that you plan to utilize our certificate for mass marking of archives, you could utilize our Mass Endorser Certificates. We would offer this certificate in PFX document for Class 2 and is offered to Associations as it were. Snap here 

IET Certificates 

We have an uncommon Digital Signature certificate for IEC code holders, this certificate is explicitly utilized for DGFT entry. Snap here 

Preparing Strategies 

We have three distinctive paperless eKYC check based strategies for procuring the Digital signature certificate. The candidate can pick the strategy they like. 

Aadhar-Based Paperless DSC 

Any candidate who is an Aadhaar card holder can apply for the Digital Signature Certificates in a paperless way utilizing, “Aadhaar Offline eKYC” system. Aadhar based KYC check measure is paperless and digital knows your client (eKYC) system, wherein the application is carried forward after a digital confirmation of the candidate. The way toward applying for a DSC application to create orders and downloading the DSC is speedy and can get finished inside 15-20 minutes. 

Container Based Paperless DSC 

By picking the Skillet based Paperless DSC, the candidate can save money on the relative expense. The way toward getting the Skillet based Paperless DSC is simple, quick, and followed by a fast video confirmation, where the candidate needs to mirror their Container card in the video. The best benefit of this Dish based Paperless DSC produced after eYC confirmation is that one can apply for this sort of DSC online whenever or anyplace, giving the candidate the endowment of worldwide convenience. 

GST Based Paperless DSC 

We give the GST Based paperless Hierarchical DSCs (Digital Signature Certificate) for Associations having their restrictive GST certificate. These certificates give total security by guaranteeing classification to the data or records with Digital Signature when shared digitally.