What are the uses of digital signature in Chennai-T.Nagar

digital signature in Chennai

Digital signature is the most advanced type of signature that ensures that the content of the document does not change during shipment. A digital signature can be consider a mathematical value, represented by a series of letters. Digital signature certificate in Chennai is one way of verifying the authenticity of an electronic document (e-mail, spreadsheet, etc.). Authentication and encryption, these processes work together for digital signature.

digital signature in chennai

Why Digital signature certificate required 

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an electronic version of a paper certificate. The purpose of the digital signature certificate is to verify the identity of the individual when filing documents digitally. There are 3 types of digital signature certificate.

dsc in chennai

Class 1 Digital Signature: It can be use for more secure communication via e-mail

Digital signature of Class 2: It is use for filing a different form with the Department of Income Tax and Corporate Affairs, for e-filing for IT returns, company registration and GST registration.

Class 3: It is mainly use for e-auction participation, e-tendering and e-collection.

Digital signatures help ensure the security and safety of transactions made over the Internet.

Ensures security

The chances of forging a certificate are practically very low as the DSC is in electronic mode. Unlike physical signatures, the certificate cannot be alter, alter or forge. There is a secure password, which is assign to the holder so that only he can access his signature. DSC makes documents secure and legal.

Reduced time– In order to get a physical signature, the person must be physically fit, which takes longer than necessary. Digital signature certificate in chennai make it seamless to keep his signature on the required documents from anywhere in the world and reduce the time taken in the whole process.

digital signature certificate

Legal validity

Digital signatures provide legal validity for documents and can be consider as evidence in court. When submit documents with different departments for multiple registrations such as company registration, IPR registration, food licensing, the food license is treated equally with the physical signature. In fact all the documents that need to be submit in these online portals must be authenticated with the use of digital signature certificate.in Chennai,T.Nagar

Cost savings

The use of extra time not only saves the digital signature certificate, but also the various costs associated with the physical signature. Some of the costs saved with DSC include ink, paper, and printing, scanning, shipping, tracking and traveling.

dsc t.nagar

Simplify procedures for clients- The client is very tire of inspecting each document, physically examining them and taking a printout of all the documents or visiting any place to put a mark on these documents. The concept of DSC allows clients to do all this at the convenience of their home by attaching DSC to required documents.

Improved business operations- As we discussed in the section above, it is less costly, safer and more secure. All of these things help reduce the time allotted by employees in signing documents and instead keep them in good use.

Working of Dsc

Digital signatures work on the public key infrastructure that protects communication through an unsecured channel using two different cryptographic keys, the public key and the private key. Cryptographic keys are unique pieces of data used to verify the authenticity and integrity of a digital document or message.

The person who creates the Digital signature certificate in Chennai uses a private key to encrypt or lock the data; The key is keep confidential and protects the user’s information from theft or tampering. The public key on the other hand is used to decrypt or unlock data and make the message available to anyone who wants to see it. The keys are mathematical pairs, which work together; A message encrypt by a private key can only be decrypted from a single pair using the public key.

benefits of dsc

The authenticity and confidentiality of the document is maintain on the basis that the private key of the signing party has not been compromise or stolen unauthorize. If the same happens, the person may create fraudulent signatures in the name of the private key holder.

Creating the digital signature

A dsc must be obtain from a certifying authority to begin signing digital documents so that the receiver can verify the identity of the signing agency. During the digital signing of the document, the sender uploads the document in a program / software, one way of which is to create a cryptographic hash, which is encrypt with the sender’s private key. A document with a cryptographic hash is send over the Internet along with a public key.

dsc certificate

The hash value is unique to the hashed document and any changes in that document will lead to a changed hash value, which will help verify the data by the recipient.

Upon receipt the recipient decrypts the hash with the sender’s public key and generates a cryptographic hash of the same document. By comparison, if both hash values ​​are match, the data proves to be authentic and remain unchanged. If the hash values ​​do not match, it is an indicate that the data is damage.

Digital signature Certificate in Chennai

Individuals and businesses have begun to adopt the digital signature and authentication method because of its convenience, security and time-saving capabilities. Otherwise paper use is obviously expensive and if you add up the time the printer, copier, their maintenance and people spent on managing that paperwork; this actually increases costs

. Digital signature in Chennai eliminate all such costs by eliminating the use of paper and streamlining processes. Some examples of different fields using digital signatures are:

Financial Sector:

Digital signature in Chennai are a boon to banking and economics, otherwise maintaining physical documents and signatures. They use digital signatures for contracts, insurance documentation, account opening, loan processing, invoice processing and many other things, which not only speed up the process but also save time.

Healthcare: Digital signatures can be use in patient forms, claim processing, and insurance purposes to effectively streamline administrative processes and treatments, as well as improve data security.

Government: Governments around the world use digital signatures for tax revenue, other regulatory filings, publishing electronic versions of laws, acceptance of application forms in various departments, and handling of contracts and agreements.

Real Estate: Digital signatures have made the processes in real estate smoother and more convenient as they are use in sales contracts, property registration and lease agreements and more. Hence Digital signatures are the safest in this digital world.

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