Usage of Digital signature Certificate in Electronic Filing

digital signature certificate in chennai

To create a legally valid digital signature certificate, one must apply for a DSC in the prescribed digital signature application form of a certified officer by a registration authority. For the use of digital signatures on income tax, one should apply for MCA 21 and VAT One Class 2 digital signatures. Sign Online Digital signature documents need to be submit after signing the application.

digital signature certificate in chennai

The digital signature can be create by us after receiving the application or you can generate a digital signature at your end.

Similarly, The organization that issues the digital certificate, the trust keeps track of who has been award the certificate, signs the certificates to verify their authenticity, and tracks which certificates are revoke or terminate.), Which is trustworthy ( Trust) indicates whether you trust an individual or a group that has been certified.

The default setting is an inherit trust from the issue, which means that the certificate is trust because the issuer, usually the certificate authority, is trust.) A third-party entity that issues digital certificates for use by other parties. There are four commercial third-party digital certification authorities in India from whose designated registration officer you can purchase a digital certificate.

Usage of Digital signature Certificate in e-filing

Taxpayers belonging to the following categories will be required to sign their income tax return using a DSC or digital signature certificate in Chennai:

1) Individual, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Partnership Firm and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) whose accounts are audited under section 44AB.

2) Companies

3) Political parties

Once the ITR is digitally sign using DTC, the taxpayer does not need to e-verify the ITR or send a print copy of the ITR V to the Centralize Processing Center. Before applying for DSC, it is mandatory to register the DSC in Chennai, T.Nagar in the taxpayer’s login gin on the e-filing portal.

dsc in chennai

In addition to the digital signature in the ITR, the tax audit will have to sign the tax audit debt reports using the DSC in Chennai, T.Nagar and be approve by the taxpayers.

Java applets used by e-filing websites do not work in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer. To address this issue, the tax department has developed a software utility called e-Filing DSC Management Utility. To be able to use your DSC for your income tax return and other purposes, you must download this utility into your computer and use it to sign with your DSC in Chennai, T.Nagar.

Steps to use DSC

How to register a digital signature certificate in Chennai with the Income Tax Department:

E-Filing :To start with the process of registration and use of digital signature for the purpose of income tax return, one must first log in to the Income tax India website.: Once on the official income tax e-filing website, the assessment must click on the “Sign In” button.

Also, Users who are already register with the IT department on the website can log in using their user ID and password. After entering the required correct details, click on “login”.

Then ,once logged in, the assessment must click on the button saying “My Account”.

In the “My Account” tab, select the option that says “Update Digital Certificate”. Once click, the download should start automatically – or an attempt to download from an unreliable source may expose the user to some hints and warnings of potential dangers to the computer system. Click “Yes”, or “Continue” to get on the next page.

Again, At this stage a download should start, which includes a file from the Inner Tax Department called “Store Certificate”. This will store the local signature of the digital signature on your computer system.

Then,Go back to the open web page and click on “Upload your USB token”. This will take you to a page with a button that directs “Choose your USB token certificate” and “Browse”. Click on this button. It will open a selection prompt window.

In the selection window, select the file which was then download.

Select the file mentioned above and click “OK”, then enter the zip code (token password), and then click “Sign”.

How to upload an income tax return online using a digital signature:

Fill in the income tax return form and prepare it properly, create the file as an XML file and save it on your local computer system

Next, open the Login page of the Income Tax India website and, log in to your Private Income Tax Management Dashboard. The credentials are to be use

Find and click on the tab that says “Submit” and then select the appropriate assessment year.

Select the form name from the drop down menu provided on the page.

The next field has the question “Do you want to sign the file digitally?” Select the “Yes” option.

dsc in efiling

Also,In the next field you need to select the type of digital signature certificate in Chennai you want. Choose the right option based on your personal income tax return filing requirements and upload and certify the income tax return using a digital signature certificate.

Since,There are many benefits to using digital signatures and e-filing income tax returns, not limited to streamlining the entire process. It ensures a low level of fraud and misrepresentation and ensures that individual taxpayers take personal responsibility for managing their finances in terms of filing income tax returns. In addition, it ensures that the income tax department will process the refund as soon as the file is upload.


To ensure the authenticity and security of electronically filed documents, the use of digital signatures is provided by the Information Technology Act 2000. This is the only authorize and secure method of submitting the document electronically. Procurement processes are integrate, convenient and streamlined through e-procurement. And the digital signature certificate is significant for all such processes.

Since the whole system has been introduce with more transparency through e-procurement, it has gain considerable acceptance and popularity. It offers a number of benefits, including a reduction in the acquisition cycle, allowing bidders and buyers to overcome limitations on geographical terms and keep pace with existing technology.

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