Process of Digital signature

digital signature certificate in Chennai

A digital signature certificate is a secure digital key that is issue by certificate issue for the purpose of validating and certifying the identity of the holder of this certificate. Digital signatures use public key encryption to create signatures. The Digital Signature Certificate in Chennai (DSC) contains information about the user’s name, zip code, country, email address, certificate issuance date and the name of the certifying authority.

digital signature in chennai

Documents for DSC

The requirements for applying for a digital signature certificate are as follows. Submission of duly filled DSC application form by the applicant 2. Preparation of photo ID proof.

digital signature certificate in chennai

Process of digital signature

Fill out your application form:

In case you have not applied for it at present, DSC need to get. You must fill out your digitally signed application form with the correct details and then submit the same.

Submit Form and E-Verification:

Once you submit the form, you need to e-verify your statement using the Aadhaar EKYC-Verification System. You can also contact your bank manager to conduct your electronic verification.

Make the required payment:

Now, make the required payment online in the form of consultation fee. Once all these necessary steps are complete you are eligible to get your DSC.

Get your DSC:

Soon, you will receive a DSC issued by the Certifying Authority.

The main purpose of DSC is to prove your identity online while accessing information on the Internet or during online transactions.

Advantages of DSC

Reduced costs and time:

Instead of physically signing hard copy documents and scanning them for sending via email, you can digitally sign PDF files and send them more efficiently. The amount of time spend on the processing contract will be greatly reduce, resulting in more business deals being finalize in the short term. If you deal with multiple documents at once, you will not need to proceed with your way of signing them all. Instead, you sign documents with just a few clicks. The digital signature certificate in Chennai does not require the user to be physically present to do business or authorize.

Data Integrity:

Documents that are digitally sign cannot be change after signing, which makes the data secure and secure. Government authorities often call for these certificates to cross-check and verify business transactions.

dsc in chennai

Authentication of documents:

Digitally signed documents give the recipient the confidence to confirm the identity of the signatory. Digital signatures reduce the risk of duplication and document alteration. Digital signature certificate in Chennai ensure that signatures are verify, authenticate and valid.

Users are given a PIN, password and code that can prove their identity and approve their signatures. The time stamping states the date and time of the signature, thus providing a track of the document, minimizing any risk of fraud.

Good customer experience:

Digital signatures give the comfort of signing important documents where a customer is located to sign. Businesses do not have to wait for the customer to come to the bank or office fees. Documents can be sign at the door. This is ideal, especially when providing better and personalized services in remote areas and small towns. The customer can be anywhere, and engaging with the company, making services and businesses easier, faster and more user-friendly.

Algorithms of DSC

Key Generation Algorithms: Digital signatures are electronic signatures, which ensure that the message was sent by a particular sender. Integrity and integrity must be ensure when conducting a digital transaction, otherwise the data may be alter or someone may act like the sender and expect a response.

Signing Algorithms:

To create a digital signature, signing algorithms, such as email programs, creates a one-way hash of electronic data that needs to be signed. The signing algorithm then encrypts the hash value using a private key (signature key). This encrypted hash is a digital signature in Tirupur, along with other information such as a hashing algorithm. This digital signature is attach to the data and sent to the verify. The reason for encrypting the hash instead of the whole message or document is that the hash function converts any arbitrary input to a very short fix length value. This will save time now as you will have to sign a shorter hash value instead of a long message and in addition, hashing is faster than signing in.

Signature Verification Algorithms: Obtain digital signatures with verify data. It then uses a verification algorithm to process the digital signature and public key (verification key) and generates little value. It also applies the same hash function to the received data and generates a hash value. The hash value and the output of the verification algorithm are then compare. If they are both the same, the digital signature is valid otherwise it is invalid.

digital signature certificate in chennai

Classes of DSC

The type and purpose of the applicant for which the digital signature certificate is obtained determines what type of DSC must be apply for. Three types of digital signature certificates have been issue by certified officers. 

Class 1 Certificates:

These are issue to individual / private subscribers and are used to confirm that the username and email contact details from the specified subject matter are in the database of the certify authority. 

digital signature certificate in chennai

Certificate- Class2 :

Issued to the Director / Signing Officers of these companies for the purpose of e-filing with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Class 2 certification is mandatory for persons who have to sign the manual documents while filing the return with the ROC. However, from 01.01.2021, the Comptroller of the Certifying Authority has instructed to close the Class 2 certificates and the Class 3 certificates will be issued in place of the Class 2 certificates. 

Certificate -Class 3

These certificates are use anywhere in India for participation in online e-auctions and tend online tenders. Vendors wishing to participate in the online tender must have a Class 3 digital signature certificate

Need for DSC

Provisions regarding the use of digital signature on electronically submitted documents are contain in the Information Technology Act 2000. These provisions are provide to establish the integrity and security of all documents that are file digitally.

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