What is the need of the Digital Signature?

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Dsc are very useful in India as digitally sign documents are accept by various government agencies and are also acceptable in the courts of law. You can use digital signature certificates to e-file your income tax returns, e-filing for the Registrar of Companies, signing documents such as an online auction (such as e-tender) and PDF.

digital signature in chennai

If you have a digital signature certificate, you do not need to send a signed hard copy of the documents. This saves you a lot of time not to mention the effort it takes to sign a lot of documents. Thanks to the encryption used in these certificates, you can also make sure that the person or company receiving the documents knows that these documents are genuine.

Why Dsc is needed?

Ensures safety

since DSC registered under DSC in Chennai is in electronic mode, the possibility of certificate duplication is practically negligible. Unlike physical signatures, the certificate cannot be alter, tamper with or copy. There is a secure password assign to the holder with which he can take his signature. DSC makes documents secure and legal.

Reduced time

It is mandatory for the person to be physically present to sign the signature which will take more time than required. Digital signatures registered under DSC in Chennai unite a person to place their signatures on required documents from anywhere in the world and reduce the time taken in the whole process.

Simplify the process for the clients

It can be very tedious for the client to check every document, do a physical examination and then either take a printout of all the documents or visit any place to sign these documents. The concept of DSC allows customers to do all this from the comfort of their home by simply attaching the DSC with the require documents which is register under DSC in Chennai.

Improved business performance

As we discuss in the section above, the time spent using DSC helps reduce costs and is more secure which has register under Digital in Chennai. All of these things help employees to take the time to sign documents and use them better instead.

Legal validity

Digital signature Certificate register under DSC in Chennai provides legal validity to documents and can be consider as evidence in a court of law. The food license is consider equivalent to a physical signature when submitting documents in various departments like company registration, IPR registration, food licensing etc. In fact all these documents that are to be submit on these online portals must be certify with the use of a digital signature certificate.

Cost Savings – Excessive time usage saves digital signature certificates as well as the various costs associated with physical signature. Some of the costs saved by DSC include ink, paper, printing, scanning, shipping, tracking and travel etc.

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How digital signatures work?

The mathematical algorithm creates a public key and a private key that are connect to each other. When the signer signs the document electronically, the mathematical algorithm creates data relate to the document sign by the signer, and then the data is encrypt. This data is also call a cryptographic hash. A hash function is a string of fixed lengths of numbers and letters generated from a mathematical algorithm. The generate string file is unique to hash and is a one-way function, the compute hash cannot be reverse to find other files that can produce the same hash value. 

The signer has only access to the private key and this private key is use to encrypt the document data. The encrypted information or encrypt hash is then transmit and can only be decrypted by the signer’s public key. The recipient of the document also receives a copy of the signer’s public key which is use to decrypt the signature. A cryptographic hash is again generate on the side of the receiver. Both cryptographic hash have been check to validate its authenticity. If the document matches it is consider original.

Significance of digital signature

A digital signature is your electronic fingerprint. It allows you to sign a document electronically and validates the signer. It is a mathematical code that certifies the sender’s document and ensures that the document remains untouched upon reaching the recipient.

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Concerns about the security of digital signatures are justified, however, as they use an accepted format called public key infrastructure, which provides a very high level of security that makes copying difficult. Digital signatures make office fee paperwork more efficient, but laws regarding this technology vary between countries.

Latest news

After receiving the TDS certificate, you should first check the Form 16A from your employer to ensure that the digital signatures on it are valid. It is important to validate the digital signature to verify the authenticity of Form 16. 

Procedure to validate digital signature in Form 16

Before you begin validating signatures, make sure you have opened the Form 16 PDF document using Adobe Reader software.

Follow these steps to validate the digital signature in Form 16:

The digital signature can be view on the last page of Form 16. Click on the digital signature image.

 A new window ‘Signature Validation Status’ will appear on your screen. Click on the ‘Signature Properties’ button.

dsc certificate in chennai
Isometric vector of a businessman signing documents via electronic signature software

 A new window ‘Signature Properties’ will appear again. Click on ‘Show signer’s certificate’

 A Certificate Viewer window will appear. Click on the Trust tab.

 In the Trust tab, click the ‘Add to Trust Trust’ button. It will open the ‘Acrobat Security’ message box.

Step 6: In the ‘Acrobat Security’ message box, click ‘OK’ and it will open ‘Import Contact Settings’.

 In the ‘Import Contact Settings’ window, select the certificate as ‘Trusted root’ and click OK.

 Once ‘K’ is click, you will return to the ‘Certificate Viewer’ window. Click ‘OK’

Once you have clicked OK, you will return to the ‘Signature Properties’ window. Click on the ‘Verify Certificate’ or ‘Validate Signature’ button here.

Once it is click, in the ‘Signature Properties’ window, you can see that the signature will be show as valid. Click ‘Close’ on your Form-16 and the digital signature will be validate.

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